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Chikomba District (Mashonaland East Province), is strategically located on the Zimbabwean map; 142km from Masvingo and 144 km from Harare along the highway to Harare.District is gateway to many neighboring countries namely South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia hence existence of the national commercial route (Harare-Chivhu-Masvingo & Beitbridge. Chikomba District borders with Seke District to the North, Wedza District to the North-East, Buhera District of Manicaland Province to the South East, Gutu District of Masvingo Province to the South, Chirumuhanzu District of Midlands Province to the South West and Mhondoro-Ngezi District of Mash West to the West.

Chikomba District is host to a population of 131 590, according to the 2012 Zimstat Census Report, wherein 48% are males (63 163) and 52% females (68 427). The 2012 Zimstat Census report confirmed that 89.52% of the district population lives in rural areas.

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Council Background

The Rural District Council Act was promulgated in 1966 to make the constitutional provision for formation and management of rural council areas. The first such council was established in 1968 and over the next few years grew in number to forty four. At independence the former African Purchase Areas were given the choice of joining either an adjacent Rural or District council or choose to form their own Rural Council thus the number increased to fifty-six. Since independence, government has been determined that an amalgamation of the District Council and Rural Councils should take place

In the year 1993, there was an amalgamation of four councils to form Chikomba Rural District Council (CRDC) namely, Chikomba District Council, Charter Rural Council, Chivhu Rural Council and Featherstone Rural Council. The Rural District Council's Act Chapter 29:15 certified the amalgamation of Rural and District Council into a unified single unit. This hence led to the formation of Chikomba Rural District Council. Since the amalgamation there has been a conscious effort by Central government to devolve authority and responsibility to the authorities within which management of Chikomba Rural District Council is vested.

CRDC constitutes one of the districts in Mashonaland East Province which is Chikomba. CRDC comprises of thirty wards of which four are urban. CRDC is situated 142km from Masvingo along the highway to Harare. It also oversees the operations of its sub-offices at Sadza growth point. The council also has offices situated about 3km North West of the main offices closer to locals in the high density suburb. According to the CRDC master plans study report of 1996 which was compiled by the department of Physical planning in the Ministry of Local, Public Works and National Housing, Chikomba covers an area of 630 944,504 hectares and a population of 120 248 . The district population density by then was 43 people per km2. This was higher than what was shown by the provincial density of 32 people per km2. The 2008 ICDS found that 89.52% of the district population is in rural areas..