Human Rsource, Administration and Social Services

The core functions are:

  • Human Capital management and Development
  • Occupational Health and safety management
  • Human Resource support services
  • Develop and implement corporate governance framework
  • Advising Council and its Committees on Human Resources related issues
  • Councillors and staff welfare management
  • Provision of secretarial services to Council
  • Public relations and image management
  • Management of council information and systems
  • Payroll management
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Procurement
  • Transport Management

  • Asset Management
  • Compilation and implementation of HR and Social Services budgets
  • Provision of Health and Educational services
  • Provision of recreational facilities and cemeteries
  • Management of water and sanitation facilities
  • Co-ordination of community welfare programmes
  • Disaster management
  • Advising Social Services committee
  • Departmental budget preparation and performance monitoring



Hokonya S (Acting HR, Amin, Health and Social Services Officer)

  • Phone Number: +263 772112536
  • email:

Chiriga T (HR and Admin Assistant)

  • Phone Number: +263 774034413
  • email:

Chari (Health and Social services Assistant)

  • Phone Number: +263 773913831
  • email: